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Edward Furlong

My Edward Furlong crush is nothing new to anyone who knows me. In fact, some people make Edward Furlong jokes to me, especially around the time Before and After came out. I went to see it with my friend Melissa and the first time he came on the screen, when he's in prison with that white t-shirt, we both made a noise like "uhhhhh" and slumped down in our seats.

I haven't seen Pecker yet, but I would really really like to. I have heard a lot of people say that he isn't a very good actor, and that he always plays the same character over and over, but my question to you is this: WHO CARES?

I have always maintained that if PZB's Lost Souls were a movie, he would be Nothing. In fact, I call him "my Nothing." Usage: "Oh, did you see there's a new John Waters movie with my Nothing in it?"

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