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Jeremy Sisto

Okay, so I wasn't crazy about him in Moonlight and Valentino, although I appreciated his acting. The same goes for Clueless...actually, I take that back, I liked him in Clueless. But crush could go on forever just remembering him as the Satanic son of a doctor. And the whole bit about how his eyes are sensitive to light just added to it, I think. I don't know. I like guys who squint.

I know nothing about this guy (what, you think I researched all of these?) so I suggest that if you want to know more...I don't know. I came up empty when I was looking for stuff on him on the Net. There used to be a great fan site but it's gone now. If you have a Jeremy Sisto link, please e-mail me.

I found one link:

The Space Between Us (one of his movies)