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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Of all the actors on this web site, this one is the one I am the most nuts over.

Whenever I hear the name Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, I like to follow it up with "is God." He's Irish, which just adds to how delicious he is. I can't get over it. You know how I love an androgynous man.

I discovered him when I rented the movie The Maker solely because there was a good-looking guy (him) on the cover. I remembered him from Michael Collins once I got a good look at him. The last thing I expected to do was watch a Liam Neeson movie and end up gaping. And the fact that he was a little IRA jerk just made him that much better.

I haven't seen any more of his movies, mostly because they're so obscure you need one of those "gen-X" video stores next to your house to find them all. I am dying dying dying to see The Governess, which shouldn't be too hard to find since it has an Oscar nominee (Minnie Driver) in it. And she gets to kiss him, the bitch. I am also dying (times three) to see Velvet Goldmine, in which he has a sex scene with Ewan MacGregor. After I watch that, you can kill me, because I will die a happy woman.

Make sure you visit Alyse's page, the unofficial fan page for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. She has so many pictures and information tidbits that I visit it weekly, just to take another look and die a thousand deaths.

Oh, and to continue with the trend, if Poppy Z. Brite's book Drawing Blood were made into a movie, he'd make a perfect Zach.