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Jason Cadieux

To boldly go into cheesy space shows...

Actor filmography

1."Deepwater Black" (1997) TV Series - Bren (aka "Mission Genesis" (1997)
2.Joe's So Mean to Josephine (1996) - David
3.Lilies (1996) - Young Simon
4.Iron Eagle IV (1995) - Doug Masters
5."Macht der Leidenschaft" (1994) TV Series - Stefan Haller (aka "Family Passions" (1994)

courtesy of the the Internet Movie Database.

So, has anyone see Deepwater Black? I watched it for the first time recently. It airs on YTV around 9:30 p.m. Saturday nights. Jason plays Bren, a weapons specialist with a hot temper. The show isn't all bad, but the special effects are unforgiveable. In the one I saw, the crew encountered a cloned Deepwater, but the ship's crew was dead save for the kamikaze captain. The current crew views the ship's log and sees one girl die from this blue electrical current that jumped out of nowhere. It looked like she died from sticking a knife in the toaster.

The crew of Deepwater Black are all in their mid-teens/early 20s. Picture Beverly Hills 90210 meets Lost in Space.

In my travels I found a site devoted to Deepwater Black with a much more comprehensive bio and photo gallery. If Jason floats your boat, I strongly encourage you to visit it. Many thanks to Karen for this great page. I don't know how she found the stuff, but at the risk of theft or repetition I will refer you there.

The main page is located at The Jason pages are here and here.

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