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Danny Gilmore

He played Vallier. I wish this page was filled with pictures of Danny Gilmore. I wish I could even tell you where he is from. Near as I can tell, Lilies is the only thing he has ever done, and coverage of that was sparse so I have absolutely no information on him. He was my favorite thing about the movie. He was believeable and beautiful and just great. If you know ANYTHING about him...if you have seen him in something else... if you ARE him...E-MAIL ME. Tell me everything you know. Enquiring minds want to know...who the hell is he?


So, I have no Danny Gilmore info for you. I have searched everywhere and I'm beginning to think that he is a figment of my imagination.


Shortly after this site was born I found a little Danny bio at the Alliance site. So much for trusty search engines. Anyways, I am copying it as it was written. Send contributions to my legal defense fund here.

When Gilmore was called to audition for the part of Count Vallier de Tilly, he had just enrolled for the first semester at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique in Montreal. When he was offered the part in the film which started production in September, he opted to postpone his studies for some major on-the-job training in his feature film debut.

Within a few weeks of completing LILIES, Gilmore landed the co-starring role of Jan, a young Polish immigrant to Canada in the 1940s in the television series Ces enfants d’ailleurs, directed by Jean Beaudin. The 10 hour series will be broadcast on the independent Quebec network, TVA, in early 1997.

So, my work here is done.

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