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News and views

It's difficult to make a news page on a movie that was released two years ago, but it is here that I will update what the people involved in the movie are up to.

Dec. 29, 1998

Director John Greyson's new movie Uncut, which apparently explores circumcision, makes its debut Jan. 8, 1999 in San Francisco. That will mark the beginning of its release in U.S. theatres. I don't know when or if it will come to Canada, since nothing cool ever does.

Jason Cadieux's show, Deepwater Black, is bordering on cancellation. In Canada, YTV has expressed that it won't carry the show anymore. There was a movie in the works that may not see the light of day either. The smaller and less-visible Space: the Imagination Station may pick it up, but that's not a done deal. Karen's Deepwater Black site has launched a big campaign to save the show. If you're interested in helping, and I hope you are, go to support her cause. As a quick reference, here is the address of YTV and Empire Entertainment so you can drop them a line if you enjoy the show:

P.O. Box 369
Station C
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3N1

Empire Entertainment
99 Sudbury Street
2nd Floor, Box 12
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3S7

Meanwhile, Matthew Ferguson's TV show, La Femme Nikita, is doing fine. I haven't heard if he has any projects in the works. If you know, e-mail me. If you live in Ontario, you can see La Femme Nikita on CTV. I also found three new links for him at his Fansites page.

And, as Forest Gump says, that's all I have to say 'bout that.

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