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The movie opens with Bishop Bilodeau arriving at a prison to hear the confession of a convict who is old and on the brink of death. He is taken into the chapel by the prison chaplain and is greeted by a room full of inmates. The Bishop was of the understanding that it would be a private confession.

He goes into the confession booth uneasily and we find that the inmate is a childhood friend of his, Simon, and that the Bishop had a hand in imprisoning him. He is locked in the confession booth with an opening to look out, and the inmates perform a series of events from Simon and the Bishop's childhood at a boy's school in a small Quebec town.

The inmates act out scenes between Simon and his lover, Vallier. We find that the Bishop had less-than-obvious reasons for telling lies that eventually convicted Simon.

When the inmates begin acting out the scenes, it is obvious that they are in a prison chapel, with crude props and water being sprayed on the floor to represent a lake. As the story unfolds, the scenery becomes real and the story more engrossing, with the inmates playing the male and female roles.