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Hello and welcome. I am now a affiliate site. I have full faith in the company and have decided to be an affiliate site after careful consideration. So please feel free to check out what's available below. You can buy the actual movie Lilies, other movies the actors have been in, other movies by John Greyson or related movies with the same sort of atmosphere and content. In many cases with the actors, I have only listed a couple of their movies. You can use the search function below to find a complete list of their movies.

Lilies is a little pricy. I've compared it with prices offered by other companies on the Internet and believe it or not, it's the cheapest. I e-mailed and asked why and you can click here to see the correspondence that ensued.

not rated, drama, gay/lesbian, 95 minutes
New VHS - $76.99

Jason Cadieux, Danny Gilmore, Brent Carver, Matthew Ferguson, Alexander Chapman, John Greyson

Iron Eagle IV
starring Louis Gossett Jr., Al Waxman and Jason Cadieux
PG-13, action, 95 minutes
New VHS - $12.99
Used VHS - $8.99

Zero Patience (1993)
starring Normand Fauteux, Michael Callen
Not Rated, comedy, music, gay/lesbian, 95 minutes

Description: Hilarious, low-budget musical takes on many facets of AIDS with intelligent satire and tuneful melodies. Gleefully politically incorrect, it's best appreciated by postmodern viewers who are not easily offended.

Urinal (1988)
starring Olivia Rojas, George Spelvin
not rated, drama, gay/lesbian, cult, 100 minutes
New VHS - $25.99
Description: Postmodern pastiche brings together four famous queer artists (Kahlo, Mishima, Eisenstein, Hughes) to discuss Canadian oppression of homosexuals. Exasperating yet intelligent, it's best appreciated by fans of the genre.

Millennium (1989)
starring Kris Kristofferson, Cheryl Ladd
PG-13, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 108 minutes
New VHS - $8.99
Used VHS - $6.99
Description: Investigator looking into air crash stumbles onto futuristic time-travelers out to repopulate their world in sci-fi thriller. May amuse undemanding couch potatoes, but sci-fans beware slow pace, cheesy special effects, thin story.

Love and Human Remains (1995)
starring Thomas Gibson, Mia Kirshner
rated R, mystery, drama, suspense, gay/lesbian, 100 minutes
New VHS - $16.99
Description: Exciting multi-character comedy/drama examines modern mores and alienation among a group of sexually adventurous 20-somethings. Film pleases audiences looking for provocative cinema and thoughtful explorations of eros.

On My Own (1994)
starring Judy David, Matthew Ferguson
not rated, drama, 130 minutes
New VHS - $67.99
Description: Chilly tale of 15-year-old boy coming of age and discovering his mother's long-hidden mental illness. Fans of literate and uncompromising dramas are impressed by this perfectly wrought gem.

Swoon (1991)
starring Daniel Schlachet and Craig Chester
Acclaimed drama also toys with homosexuality, surreality, and crime.

Orlando (1993)
starring Tilda Swinton and Quentin Crisp
Acclaimed history-spanning drama features more subtle gender-bending.

Death in Venice (1971)
starring Dirk Bogarde, Mark Burns
Equally romantic look at gay artist's last days, final infatuation.

The Hanging Garden (1998)
starring Chris Leavins, Kerry Fox
Equally poetic look at gay adolescents has similarly striking visuals.

Beautiful Thing (1996)
starring Glen Berry, Scott Neal
New VHS - $14.99
More gritty, realistic look at young gay love. Equally touching.


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